Monday, March 20, 2017

The First Principle of Technology

In past posts, I talked about the purpose for Stonehenge, and today I would like to focus on an earlier era, and about more ancient technologies. Technology can be used as a tool or a weapon, and so there is a sense of duality between having a plan and dealing with conflict resolution.

The Atlanteans were very advanced technologically because they had acquired information from aliens. They used crystals as an energy source, and could travel all over the planet. They were a very power nation. The continent of Atlantis was located in the Atlantic ocean, and on the other side of the planet, in the Pacific Ocean, was located the continent of Lemuria. There is a continuum of frequency across the planet, and so Lemuria was very peaceful.

In Atlantis, there were the White Robes and the Black Robes, and there was a continuum of frequency between them. The Black Robes had the technology to control the planet, but the White Robes protested their abuse of power. When it became apparent that those who were the powerful elite had no intention of listening to the wise counsel of those with the wider perspective, one man brought together a select group of White Robes and Black Robes, and sent them to England with the instructions to hold onto the principles of conflict resolution.

The two continents fell into the ocean when the Atlanteans directed the energy of the huge crystal, like a laser, through the planet toward Lemuria, and they tore apart the planet. There were huge earthquakes and tsunamis for many centuries. Mankind got kicked back to cave-man times. The aliens had no interest in working with mankind again until we evolved to the point where we would not annihilate ourselves.

As Seth explains in "A Manual for Peace," there are 80 alien species on Earth. I have channeled a book with one of them, and in the set of books that are associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq government proposal, Seth retro-engineers and alien space drive.

As mankind progressed from swords and spears to weapons that can once again tear apart the planet and the global communication system that enables one individual to become very powerful, we are replaying that time period. Just as last time, mankind has a choice. Will mankind tear apart the planet in an attempt to create a global empire and be kicked back to cave-man days or evolve to the higher level?

For the last 15,000 years, we have been in a state of duality, but now the focus shifts to what caused the duality in the first place. Where did our ancestors go wrong?

They used technology as a weapon rather than a tool. They did not listen to the wise advice of people who saw the wider perspective. They relied on power games of revenge rather than making win-win agreements--and conspiracy may seem to be a win-win agreement, but it is not. Even compromise is not a win-win agreement, it is a straight ahead choice that passes the conflict on to future generations. Mankind has not progressed that far after all.

A friend and I once talked about what life would be like if society collapsed, and he told me he would live off the land. Sounds nice to return to the simplicity of our ancestors, but how many people will fight over that salmon in the river, and winters can get very cold if you live in a cave, and how about the amount of knowledge and other resources that are lost when society is kicked back 30,000 years?

It is one step forward and two steps back when we do what is in no one's best interest.

Mankind can live in harmony with nature and not have to endure starvation. The perspective of the cooperation of nature is counter-intuitive also. Under the perspective that nature is dog-eat-dog leads to the ultimate conclusion that there will be one man left standing at the top of the mountain after annihilating the rest of humanity. That is in no one's best interest. Been there, done that--fifteen thousand years ago. If you are that man who has the power to be the last man standing, what was left of the society? How did that one man keep his lifestyle of ease and comfort when the rest of the planet was in a survival mode? How can one mortal man keep a power base when he must sleep? Who can he trust?

The first principle of technology is based on the qualitative perspective of mathematics. It is counter-intuitive from what seems to be the logical use of numbers. The quantitative perspective of  the number one is a single object, while the qualitative perspective is that One is made up of many parts.

We are looking at a One World government that is made up of many equal parts, and it has the capacity to return mankind to a sense of unification. That will allow us to take the next step in mankind's evolution--maybe even to the stars!