Thursday, March 23, 2017

Military intervention does not stop revenge and mayhem

Our organization is divided and conquered, and the "boogie pirates" are perpetrating acts of revenge and mayhem to prevent the plan for the international government from moving forward. People are being intimidated and backed into the corner, and many are facing their end of life crisis from cancer and other major diseases because they don't know how to resolve their crises. Mental illness is pandemic because people were offered a chance to get their life on a higher level, but the offer was meant to draw them into the conspiracy, and so they were trapped. There are death squads made up of either the masterminds of the mayhem, or young people who grew up in wealthy families, but when their family was torn apart, they had no way to defend themselves. Even competent adults with years of experience in law enforcement have been duped, and have became victims of the mayhem. Ripples of effects have gone out to drag in many, many people.

The games of genocide and slavery are based on weaving an illusion, and once the Grand Lie has been told, the truth does not overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. People who plays these games do so to outsmart their victims by using covert and overt actions, and they drag more and more people into chaos.

What is occurring in Iraq and Syria and the DRCongo are also occurring in parts of California, and spilling over into Oregon and several other states. We can say for certain that the solution is not military intervention. The knee-jerk reaction that ends a war makes a genocide worse. To send in the troops, such as the National Guard or the UN Peacekeeping troops, only exacerbates the problem because it is impossible to know who actually is behind the crimes and the mayhem is perpetrated like a lightning strike that is over before you can react. You cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives.

The first step to stop a genocide is for people to stand up and say "enough is enough." It makes no sense for someone to do these acts of mayhem that lead to chaos, and the more acts they perpetrate, the more ludicrous they become. These acts of mayhem are meant to prevent a plan from progressing and another person from excelling because the "boogie pirates" thought the person who offered the plan didn't have the capacity to fulfill the plan, and so they stole the plan but don't have the capacity to bring it about. It is a way to save face. The two power games that are associated with weaving an illusion in acts of revenge are genocide and slavery, and genocides are perpetrated by people who function outside of their capacity. For the victims, the idea is to not get trapped in their illusion that someone is able to prevent you from getting your life, but to keep moving forward on creating your project that benefits everyone.

Few people know how to create their life. Now there is a school that is coming about, called the Faith of the Pure Ray that teaches people how to create their life by studying the principles of each of the seven major religions.

In the Faith of the Pure Ray, this season we are looking at Judaism, and how Moses overcame the enslavement of his people. Slavery is usually part of an act of revenge, so the time of Moses, there would have been a character defamation campaign against someone of power. In Egypt, the pharaoh had absolute power, but Moses was able to demonstrate a greater capacity, but then it took the seven plagues to weaken the pharaoh's resolve, and the last plaque was the immediate backlash from Universal Law of Cause and Effect. The seven plagues relate to the Seven Deadly Sins, and included are wars and genocides, but also diseases such as strokes, pancreatic cancer and heart attacks, and financial collapse.

Now, any world leader that is playing power games of revenge will become like the Pharaoh, and when one individual stands up and demonstrates greater capacity, that modern day Moses will stand on the principles and the Pharaoh will go down into the games, and Battles of Armageddon will follow. It will unleash the seven plagues in that nation, and the last battle will lead to the Pharaoh coming to the understanding that you cannot get the life you want by playing power games of revenge, which goes against Universal Law.

While this is occurring, others who have already learned their lessons will be moving ahead and will start to create the proposed international government.

Everyone in our organization must come through the crisis center to become part of the organization, and therefore part of the plan for the international government.