Monday, August 15, 2016

What can stop the mayhem?

The mayhem starts when one individual stands on the principles and it triggers the fears of another person, who choses to go down into the power games.

A series of battles occurs, and the last battle ends when one side walks away from the other side.

It can be by dying, or by walking away from the conflict, and the first person who walks away from the conflict is the winner.

But, if you can't walk away from the conflict, then you must deal with conflict resolution.

In our organization, many potential members are divorced couples, and when the plan for the international government was opened to debate, generally speaking, the husbands were interested in participating in the organization, but those who chose to pirate the plan went to the wives and drew them into the conspiracy--into the revenge.

Why would someone get revenge on someone they never met before, and who is doing what is in everyone's best interest?

The people who are perpetrating the mayhem are weaving the illusion that they are the leadership of the organization, and they have taken the plan and are tearing it apart. They believe they can do anything they want, and no one can stop them.

Many people are going through their end of life crisis now, and in Archangel Michael's booklet, "A Little Angel Told Me..." he says, "it is like playing poker with the devil, and all you have is a pair of sevens, and the devil doesn't even have that."

Each plan has a trigger, who functions as a catalyst, but who is actually not part of the "equation." The trigger is someone who makes a statement, but the statement is ludicrous, and then must back down, and tries to "maintain his or her face" by weaving an illusion.

Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who came to two separate individuals, and it is his responsibility to bring the two sides together to form the organization. The trigger has prevented the two sides from coming together.

The plan for the international government has attracted the attention of many people in power, and it seems so simple and logical, but it isn't. No one can do another's project because it is based on one's talents and gifts.

For conflict resolution, everyone must be seen as equal, and everyone is in crisis now. The books are "channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis," and anyone can read the books, starting with the 200 independent members of the organization. That does not make someone who has a book an independent member. The second step is to come to the crisis center, which involves group and individual channeling.

The crisis center was started, and the conspirators wove the illusion that it helped people to get out of crisis, but anyone who went there was dragged into a crisis.

The solution is to join the organization.

People recognize the games when they see them. People know what oppression is. If a government is oppressive to its people, they leave and find a place where there is greater freedom, and this is what made America great. But, the United States plays power games, too, and there is rising anger against us, which will be resolved as we let go of the power games and join the plan for the international government. We can say "ever again" and this time mean it.

As the people who are so oppressive lose power, they will come in, too, and they must work to undo the damage they have done.