Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Let's have a poll!

How many people will choose to wage war over taking disputes to court?

This is not just a poll. The application of the principles is what is important, so I ask that you take some time to consider your answer. When you choose one, you cannot just walk away from it. You must stand on the principles of your choice.

We live during a time when mankind can evolve or devolve into a global conflict, and your vote is is important for deciding mankind's future.

Think about the ramifications of your choice.

If you choose war, will you agree to be on the front lines? Are you willing to have war on your streets? Are you willing to die as a soldier or a civilian who has been dragged into the conflict? Who will pay for the war? Are you willing to give everything you have to protect your family, your town and your nation?

If the winners of this poll are those who vote to resolve this in court, the next question is, which court will handle disputes? Another choice.

Will it be the existing international courts? Not all nations are signatories of the international courts, so not all disputes will be resolved.

Will it be kangaroo courts set up by warlords, or if the results of this poll are close, will it be sharia law in your town, because of the vast number of people who didn't agree to the results of the poll?

Will it be a court that is part of the proposed international government? Are you willing to make the effort necessary to bring it about, including talking to your family and friends about it, debating every part of it so it can function on the highest level possible? Will you have a voice in its creation?

This poll is part of the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, which leads to the creation of an international court so disputes between nations are resolved in court and the monies now wasted on war go to the people instead. Read the planning for it on our website at