Thursday, August 11, 2016

The battle over the plan spins off

Not everyone will be interested in world peace. To most people, it is the application of world peace that is important. The plan goes from the most general perspective to the individual level. The battle over the plan becomes the battle over technology.

The idea for the international government has been opened to debate, and many people are aware of the plan. The battle over the plan has been the choice over mankind's future. The existing structure has proven it cannot end or prevent wars, so depending on it leads to the proverbial slippery slope, and passing the crises on to future generations. The rise of the caliphate is mankind's choice to go down deeper into the power games, and that choice is in no one's best interest. The only choice that allows everyone to function on a higher level is the proposed international government.

Imagine that world peace is a circle, and around the circle are the segments of technology, business and economics, crisis in the family, conflict resolution and tolerance and empowerment.

As we are learning in the Faith of the Pure Ray, when you come up with a plan that benefits everyone, you progress through the planning stages and steps, around the circle, and on the opposing side of the circle are security issues and conflict resolution.

If mankind chooses to stay with the existing structure or to go down into the power games, we are not within the circle at all. We are not addressing opposing sides of the circle with either option.

For example, to bring peace to the Middle East, there are three nations that align east to west: Iran, Iraq and Syria. If you bring peace to Iraq first, it stabilizes Iran and Syria. If you bring world peace only to the United States, on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean, it does not stabilize the Middle East. Our plan for Iran, which is a very technological nation, is part of the spin off from the plan for the international government.

A battle over technology is starting. We have the nations that desire nuclear power and the Asian nations, and they must be able to create world peace within their nations also. Before we can convince nations that desire nuclear power or are maneuvering for oil reserves to let go of their drive to procure this technology or resources, we must be able to offer them a way to function on a far higher level by letting it go.

Our technology team is responsible for introducing these innovative technologies. The ideas are here now, but before the inventions can be ready for production, world peace must be in effect.

For example, our Free Power Source invention will do what it says, but it works on unmagnetized light, which is something that exists on the fourth and fifth dimensions, and not on the third. For the invention to function, mankind must evolve. How can we tell mankind is evolving? As Seth says in "A Manual for Peace," scientists are finding species that they thought were extinct, and new stars are being found in places where they were not found before. It is because we are evolving to the higher level that we can see them.

Let's consider that Iran would like to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes, but many people do not trust Iraq to do so. In the era of the Free Power Source invention, which can only be used for peaceful purposes, there will be no doubt about Iran's intentions. If they have one of the inventions, and they are playing power games, the machine won't work.