Saturday, August 6, 2016

Up, Down or Straight Ahead

This month, we are focusing on the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal on the World Peace Plan blog, and the booklets that address the six principles associated with the proposal are the Time Series. 

People wonder why it is taking so long for the plan to come about, and as Father Time explains in the Time Series, it is all about the choices people are making to go up, down or straight ahead.

When the opportunity comes at a Moment of Choice, people are choosing to go down into the games or straight ahead, which passes the crisis on to future generations.

The same thing is occurring on the international level. The plan for the international government has been introduced and opened to debate, but rather than to see it as the potential to function on a higher level, and for everyone to work together to bring it about, most people don't recognize the potential of the plan, choose to let it go, and then don't have the energy to keep moving forward.