Friday, August 12, 2016

The First Prototype for Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Technology

Our organization is introducing fifty innovative projects, opening them for debate, and then turning them over to the project teams at our Full Training Session, when all 200 independent members first come together to prepare for the conference in Europe.

At our prayer circle, Seth came to us and asked for four members of the circle to meet for three days of intensive training. I was one of the four. Although two of us are channels, my main guide is Seth, and he is responsible for introducing new project ideas. Each of us has a different focus, and I am an idea person. That weekend, Seth introduced the Free Power Source invention.

One of the individuals at the session is parallel to Iran. That country is perfect for assuming responsibility for the invention. All 200 nations will participate in the debate, and even the creation of this invention, but what makes Iran and our independent member perfect for this invention is that he bridges technology and spirituality. Our inventions are fourth and fifth dimensional projects, and it will require a certain spiritual focus to be able to comprehend the principles associated with this invention.

What about selling innovative technology to Iran? Our projects will go through the same progression as our Track Our Progress planning, with opening the idea to debate, bringing in the people, the tent tour, and advisory aspect, purifying the U.S. legal system and then the conference in Europe. In the advisory aspect, we will offer a catalog of projects to the governments that hire us as advisors, and they can choose which projects they would like to establish within their nation. We must address legislation within the United States to allow us to sell innovative technologies to other nations. They must be part of the process to create the international government. 

This invention allows Iran to transition out of its nuclear power program. Why is that important?

Did you see the movie "Men in Black"? The plot is to protect a little blue and white marble that only a few consider to have great importance. It is the Earth--or an Earth. Then, in the final scene, the camera pulls back and back until it steps away from our Universe, and there is a Universe within the Universe within the Universe concept. There is an element of truth in that movie. Atoms are not just building blocks for molecules, they are also universes and may or may not have the potential for developing life. If you split atoms, you are destroying entire universes. 

Under Universal Law, if we continue our nuclear program, we face the backlash of losing the rights for our own universe to continue to exist. We would not have reached our potential for maintaining life on our planet.

Everything starts first on the spiritual level, then progresses to the mental level, and finally to the physical.  Today, I would like to introduce the first prototype for understanding fourth and fifth dimensional technology, and open it to debate.

Kinetic sculpture known as
Newton's Cradle

  1. The first ball can be considered God, the Creator of us all, and standing on the principles of Universal Law. If we do what is in everyone's best interest, we have our Creator's blessing to create our project in the form of soul agreement--a contract--that we will have everything we need to do so, including receiving our talents and gifts. God works with the other kingdoms, also, as part of the win-win agreement.
  2. This ball can be considered Seth and the other seventh dimensional entities. The seventh dimension is about tolerance and empowerment, and creating a plan that is in everyone's best interest. 
  3. This ball represents the Seth channels who function like Seth's Flower of Life pattern, based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. I am responsible for the plan for the international government, and channeling project ideas for fifty fourth and fifth dimensional plans.
  4. This ball represents the fifty independent members who will assume responsibility for the projects, sharing their talents and gifts.
  5. This is the 200 independent members who will help to create the projects, each functioning from their area of expertise. As we all come together, we will offer these projects to the entire planet through our advisory aspect. 
The energy of the balls returns, also. By everyone benefiting from the project, it returns all the way to our Creator, who is making their ascension from the twelfth dimension to the thirteenth. 

We live inside of our Creator. Lady Gaia is known as Earth Mother and Universe Mother. 

Can you see how technology must be able to bridge spirituality and technology? 

At Oxford, we will introduce the Grand Unification Principle--also known as the Unified Field Theory, which is what brilliant mathematicians and theoretical physicists have searched for like the Holy Grail. Scientists are reaching the top of the proverbial mountain and finding God at last. 

We are introducing a new blog today that will cover fourth and fifth dimensional technology. It is called "The First 50 Projects of the Global Renaissance."