Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It takes two

At the beginning and the end of every cycle, it takes two.  It is not always evident, but one stands on the principles and the other is the application of the principles.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal is contingent on the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal. Americans are assuming responsibility for the damage that was done in Iraq. By denying the Iraqi people their rights to live their lives without interference, under Universal Law, we lost our rights to live our lives without interference, and to regain our rights, we must guarantee the same rights to every person on the planet.

To every person on the planet? Why not just Iraq?

Ripples of effects went out from the grand lie to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq. The truth does not overcome the lie. The conflict devolved as a genocide, and eventually every person on the planet has been dragged into the conflict.

ISIS is not a terrorist organization. It is a state-sponsored army that is perpetrating a hostile takeover of the planet to instate a dictatorship form of government. It places one man as emperor of the planet, and dictators rule by force. ISIS is the result of the ripples of effects that went out from the Grand Lie to justify the Iraq War. They were brought in as the result of the power game of Lust, which on the larger scale leads to slavery. ISIS combatants are basically slaves who have no place to go, and are living pegged to Dante's last wall of hell along with those who are getting revenge on the planet. They cannot rise out of their abyss until others show them the way out, and the first to start the long walk out of the abyss is the United States as we assume responsibility for our failed foreign policy in Iraq.

What is occurring within our organization is that people have been brought in as part of the hostile takeover of the organization, and like how gangs function, they were trapped when they were forced to perpetrate crimes. This is occurring mostly in the California segment of our potential independent members, and what set the stage for this is the California Community Property Law. It was meant to protect families during hostile divorces, but instead, it is tearing apart the state. It made marriage the way for a woman to have her security and support, but rather than being based on her sharing her talents and gifts with others, it is based on her appearance. When she equates appearance and her financial support, the marriage is over as she grows older and fears loss of her ability to keep her husband.

California bridges a nation and a state, and we are concentrating on ending the California Genocide, and the ripples of effects that have gone out from that. We are using California to demonstrate how to end a genocide. The California Community Property Law will be addressed as part of the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray.

The Faith of the Pure Ray, along with the international government, will make it possible for anyone who believes he or she is being oppressed--enslaved--to leave that nation and to go to a place where there is greater freedom. It enables people who have gone down into the power games to rise out of the abyss.

We started a blog for the conference in Europe, and one for purifying the U.S. legal system. These two steps are at the end of the cycle for the Iraq War and America's involvement in the Middle East.