Sunday, January 31, 2016

Where true power comes from

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal must be addressed before we start to create the international government. The contingency for the Exit Strategy is that the United States start to address creating the international structure within the United States. Before people will agree to the plan, the old international structure, including foreign policy, has had to prove it isn't working. People in power must let go failed policy and start to search for something that will work.

If your plan doesn't address the root cause of a crisis, it makes it worse. You may be able to offer the plan, bring in the people, get the support you need, and even face the glitches, which are all parts of the planning process, but security issues can't be resolved.  You can't bring peace by going to war and forcing an agenda.

The root cause of wars and genocides--all seven of the crises facing mankind--is the power games that all people play to gain power and prestige. They all go against Universal Law, and so there is always a backlash to the games. It takes time for the backlashes to be seen, so the games seem to work. Grabs for power always lead to the loss of power.

It comes down to the point where mankind is learning where true power comes from, and this must be addressed before mankind will be able to create the international government. The old structure is based on climbing the ladder of success, swaggering and games of one-upmanship.

In our organization, the misunderstanding about the definition of power has triggered the inventors to look to the investors as the most powerful and capable people, and so the inventors have denied their own capacity. By doing so, they have fallen into the power games, also. Everyone has naturally gravitated toward those who seem to demonstrate the most power, the investors or those who are part of the conspiracy and who equate power and brutality. Many have had no way to defend themselves from the illusion and the traps.

Equated ideas are what get people into trouble, so many people equate money and power, or brutality and power. That idea collapses when you lose your money, or are arrested for breaking the law.

Money allows you to do things that you normally would not be able to do, but it makes you vulnerable to bribes. If you are already getting the life you want, you can't be bribed, no matter how much money you are offered. Brutality may seem to work for a while, too.

True power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done, and functioning from one's own capacity, creating a plan and a project that benefits everyone, based on the root cause of the crisis, enables us to assume our own power. It also allows us to address the conflict resolution stage of the planning process.

Our technology team--who are still trying to figure out how to create their projects--will address this at our Technology training session, which is part of the Oxford and Stonehenge events.

Our projects are innovative and "evolutionary." We are looking at ideas that can only be created if mankind is functioning on a higher level. The projects won't work unless someone is standing on the principles of the organization.

For example, the first technology principle is the Grand Unification Principle. Albert Einstein called it the Unified Field Theory. It is the definition of All That Is. By leaving out one part, you leave out  the concept of the whole. You are no longer looking at All That Is. All That Is is another name for God, the Creator of us all. By leaving out another religion, you are leaving God out of the idea of religion, and falling into the trap of the games. The technology team cannot demonstrate they understand the Grand Unification Principle by leaving anyone out, including the children and the person who offered them the idea for the project for the Unified Field Theory. The idea of winning the Nobel Prize for Mathematics overpowered the principles. When they proved they didn't understand the principles of the Grand Unification Principle, they have had to leap to the other side of the planning circle to address conflict resolution, which is also demonstrated in our Oxford and Stonehenge projects. This set the stage for theology and our spiritual guides to be introduced.