Monday, February 1, 2016

Mental illness from the ascension process

Mankind is evolving and reaching a milestone that is the boundary between the third dimension and the fourth. This boundary involves a radical change in belief structures, going from the third dimensional belief that you can't get the life you want and so you settle for second best to where you understand in your heart that you can get the life you want, which is fourth dimensional thinking.

Mankind will stay in the fourth dimension for about twenty years or so, and it will be characterized by people blaming others. This time period will include many court cases, such as the the one between the United States and Iraq.

There is a crisis associated with this stage of mankind's development, and that is a form of mental illness that comes if you are offered the opportunity to get the life you want, but it is based on functioning outside of your capacity. It is similar to being bi-polar, and it comes because you understand you can get the life you want, so you leap to the fourth dimension in thinking, but you know you are a fake, functioning outside of your capacity.

Two possible examples of this are George W. Bush with the events associated with 9/11 and his response, and Pope Benedict XIV. They reached a position of great power, but in their policy decisions and how they reacted to crises, whatever they did made their crisis worse.

The conspiracy group pirated the project ideas and assumed they had greater power to bring them about. They had money, they had great ideas. They therefore had power they never had before. When they demonstrated their lack of understanding of the principles of creativity, they started to destroy what they couldn't keep. They believed money and power can be equated, and then that brutality and power can be equated, and both got them into trouble.

To overcome this form of mental illness, it must be done by demonstration. Once they realize the ideas cannot be equated and they have lost their money or have been charged with crimes, they lose their power. Their families have been torn apart by conflict, and from the grab for power, and so their family members must be able to rise out of their abyss, and by assuming responsibility for their family, they rise in power. This creates an sense of equality, the first requirement for conflict resolution.

Our organization's projects include two classes to address this form of mental illness. On is "Facing Your Fears," and the other is "Exorcism of Demons." Each time someone chooses to go down into the power games based on revenge, they set into place before them an event where they must face their fears. They are breaking Universal Law, and face the backlashes from their grab for power. The classes are not for the mentally ill, but for family members who are the only ones who will assume responsibility for ending the conflict in the family.

The people who wanted to be first to come into the organization will find themselves forced to move to the back of the line. They will be invited to come in by their family members who function for everyone's best interest, just as the world leaders will be invited to come into the framework of the international government by their people.

With the Exit Strategy for Iraq, George W. Bush will face his fears with the court case from his preemptive strike on Iraq, but by doing so, he will help to establish the international court system and help to democratize the entire planet, but it must be done through the creation of the international government, and not by force.

You can't bring peace by going to war.

Karen Holmes,
Principal and Director
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government