Thursday, January 28, 2016

The two brothers genocide

The plan for the international government was introduced and opened to debate, but before the overview nation--the United States, because as a "melting pot" of cultures we are a microcosm of the world--addresses its creation within our nation, mankind must address the resistance that arises from the people who rely on the old structure for their security and support. 

The conflict ends when everyone is able to establish their security and support based on the new structure. 

As Karen Holmes was introducing the plan for the international government in Oregon, a parallel conflict was rising in California between two brothers. 

Iraq is not the overview nation, but the conflict in Iraq based on the preemptive strike triggered a global conflict, so the Exit Strategy for Iraq is our first proposal, something like the maneuver to turn a ship around to get it back on course.

The California family conflict involves two brothers, and one stands on the principles and other other went down into the games. The one who stands on the principles is being overwhelmed by acts of crimes against the investors, and the one who went down into the power games and is playing power games and getting revenge. He was drawn into the conspiracy, and once he is charged with crimes, he faces life in prison. 

To draw the two sides of the organization together, Karen Holmes sent emails to everyone on her email list to offer the two brothers the opportunity to end their conflict based on the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. They are both in crisis and see only two options, and both are untenable. This offers them the solution to their crisis, the opportunity to go up and to do what is in everyone's best interest.

Genocides continue to draw in people until someone says "stop." Someone must stand up to defend the person who is being defamed. Holmes is standing to defend Saddam Hussein, and speaking from her own experience as his parallel--going through the same experiences he faced. This offer to end the two brothers genocide allows her to be defended, also. Neither is defending her, they are defending themselves.

Holmes has been working to introduce the Faith of the Pure Ray, an organization project that unifies the world's seven major religions. It is based on the idea that each of the seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge necessary to create the life you want. Christianity teaches the principles of coming up with a plan that benefits everyone, and just as we just address the resistance to any plan, Hinduism teaches the principles of conflict resolution. Holmes thinks of the "two brothers genocide" as Rama defending Sita from Ravanna's abduction, the story of the Ramayana.

The Faith of the Pure Ray is the first step in the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which enables those who went down into the power games at the Moment of Choice to regain their security and support. Under Universal Law, by offering the two brothers the opportunity to end their conflict and regain their security and support, she is able to do so, also.

At this time, the battles between the two brothers are still raging.