Thursday, January 28, 2016

The battles are raging

A time comes when two people reach a Moment of Choice, and one stands on the principles and his or her choice threatens the other's security and support. Facing fears, the second person falls back to relying on power games. A series of battles occur.

The battles affect those who rely on them for their life, and then people who normally would not be affected by the battles can be drawn into the conflict, also.

This occurs in families, between husband and wife. Their battles affect the children, and then draw in extended family, friends and neighbors. It also occurs within nations, between factions of the government. 

Within the organization, the initial Moment of Choice came in 1999 between Karen Holmes, who is parallel to Saddam Hussein, and her husband, Jeff Holmes, who is parallel to George W. Bush. Karen was squeezed out of her job as a dental hygienist, and so she chose to work to get her new book with Seth published. Karen Holmes is a channel--a prophet--and Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his books through Jane Roberts. Karen Holmes attempted to contact the publisher of the Seth and Jane Roberts books, but the book was rejected. 

Jeff turned to his mother, who is parallel to George H.W. Bush, for his support. Karen was asked to leave the family after a dispute, and she and their daughter became homeless. Karen and her daughter went to stay with friends who were part of the prayer circle. 

This family dispute set the stage for the character defamation campaign. Karen continued to work to establish the organization and the website and newsletters, and talk to family, friends and acquaintances about the plan for world peace. She channeled more books, booklets and the founding documents for the organization. She channeled information about innovative projects and started to talk to people about them. Holmes assumed others would be interested in the plan, but it was too large for them to see the benefits of the plan, and so when approached by Jeff and his mother, many believed Jeff's side of the story. Some didn't wish to get involved with a family dispute and took the project ideas and left her out of their creation. 

In 2007, a connection was made between her Oregon aspect of the organization, which consists of the inventors, and a Seth group that was rising simultaneously in California, which consists of the investors. The connection was made by people who know both sides, but they have prevented  the two sides from joining. They wove the illusion that they are the ones who own the intellectual property of the organization, and they kept Karen from being able to communicate with the investors. They told everyone that Karen stole the idea for the international government from them. 

Marriages have broken apart, and battles are raging in many families. The children have been left without any proper parental guidance. The illusion that has been woven is very strong. The people most vulnerable are those who chose to go down into the games, and the children whose lives are affected by the battles. Everyone has been drawn into the battles, and many are fighting for their lives. People have been targeted without even knowing the underlying cause.

Those who are getting revenge on others have coalesced into gangs, and intimidating and threatening others who wish to remain more neutral--those who are standing on the principles.

The channeled books are "messages from God on how to overcome any crisis." By applying the solutions in her own life, Holmes is working to demonstrate the insights work to end the crises in her family, in the organization, and on the parallel international level.