Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Will the hostile takeover bid succeed?

It all comes down to a moment of choice.

Our organization is parallel to what is occurring on the international level with the rise of ISIS.

There are people who rely on the old structure for their security and support. They cannot function on a higher level because of the power games they play, so their goal is to prevent or postpone the new structure from being created. They are getting revenge, conspiring, and weaving an illusion that they have the power and capacity. By offering others the opportunity to function on a higher level, they are drawing people into conflict.

It is a matter of divide and conquer. One side is standing on the principles and the other is standing on the power games. The side that is grabbing for power is offered the opportunity to rise in power by the conspirators, but it is based on misunderstandings of the definition of power. They are offered something they want, but does not benefit them to have.

This is occurring within families, between husband and wife, and within nations. One side stands on the principles and the other falls into playing the power games.

Imagine the lies have gone out to draw everyone into the conflict. People are fighting and it has come down to one on one battle. As the battles--we call them the "Battles of Armageddon"--rage, one person reaches a point of tolerance, and declares, "this is not right," and walks away from the battle. The last stage of a genocide, one side walks away from the conflict, either by dying or by leaving the family or home.

The first person to walk away from the battle is the winner. This triggers another person to say the same thing, and to walk away also.

If the entire planet is facing the rise of ISIS, everyone is facing this same battle. As the proposals are introduced, solutions are being offered. The one who walks away is the person who sees the potential of the plan to solve his or her problems. The others who are still fighting see only two options, and both are untenable, and so it is a "battle to the death." Eventually, everyone will stop fighting and watch the solution with the perspective of "what do you have that I want?"

The first requirement for conflict resolution is that everyone is considered equal, and what unifies everyone on the planet is that everyone is in crisis. Everyone is being squeezed to participate, not by the actions of one individual, but by the end of the opportunities to get their life.

Our proposals will be introduced in order, starting with the global genocide that started with the preemptive strike on Iraq--the conflict between George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein. It was a character defamation campaign, an individual form of genocide, and because it was between two world leaders, it eventually has affected every person on the planet in some way.

What is occurring now within our organization, the hostile takeover bid has drawn many people over to the side of the conspiracy group. People thought the conspirators had more power and more capacity to help them reach their goals, but now they are trapped in a sense of illusion. Some are fighting for their lives, and others are fearful for their future.

Our potential independent members are divided into two parts. The "inventors" are average people who to this point in their lives have not been able to rise out of lower income classes.  The inventors have been given given fifty innovative projects, and we have the expertise to be able to bring them about, but it takes all 200 families coming together to bring them about. The "investors" are wealthy people with experience in business and economics, but they have been torn apart by conflict in their family because of the California Community Property Law. They are being offered the opportunity to regain their financial foundation by working with the inventors on the innovative projects.

The conspirators have pirated the project ideas and offered them to the investors, and insinuated themselves into the lives of the inventors. Only enough information has been introduced to open the ideas to debate, but not to carry the ideas forward.  When they realized they had been swindled of their investments, some stood in protest, and they were targeted. Their families were dragged into the conflict.

The investors assumed they were part of this organization, but they are not. It has been a matter of judgment, and character defamation. The first people to see through the illusion were the people who personally know Karen Holmes, the founder and director of the organization, and the investors who are/were globally oriented.

The hostile takeover cannot succeed, but the organization is being blocked. We are experiencing a genocide.

The last stage of a genocide involves a sense of negotiation. We have reached the point where the conspirators want to negotiate for what they are trying to extort, which in untenable. No one is in agreement for this to come, because it perpetuates the games they are playing.

Karen Holmes,