Saturday, January 30, 2016

Why is it so hard to understand world peace?

Our organization is a microcosm of what is occurring on the international level, and what is occurring within our organization is that the idea for the international government has been opened to debate, and people keep thinking that it is possible to bring it about by taking the ideas and running with them, but they are not standing on the principles of the organization and the cooperation of nature.

You can't bring peace by going to war--even if people keep trying to do so.

The illusion is very strong now, and people are 180 degrees from where they think they are, pushing away what can help them get the life they want and holding onto what can't.

Rather than making win-win agreements that benefit everyone, people are getting revenge, which brings in people who play five different power games. People are relying on the same games that got them to where they are now, and have not yet seen that the games don't work, and that there is always a backlash to the games.

Once the idea for the international government was introduced, its creation seemed logical. Just go to people, offer them a great project idea, and the person would jump at it. The planning steps and stages made it seem easy to accomplish, and it is. It takes one baby step at a time. But, our ideas are evolved concepts, and there is a continuum of frequency from the most general to the most specific.

Understanding the concepts can be extremely difficult, like overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction, diabetes or cancer, overcoming the end of life crisis, because people have to change what they believe, and our belief structures come from a lifetime of experiences. If you have never been an alcoholic, it is easy to understand that alcohol can't help you get the life you want, but for the alcoholic, it is a different story. This is why we are taking baby steps and introducing the ideas slowly and in perfect order. It must be done by demonstration, and from people who have been able to solve the same problems in their own life. Like following someone out of the abyss.

The first people to see the benefits of the idea have been those around the world who see the plan for the international government as the solution to the oppression they have faced. They may have problems making the changes in their lives that enable them to experience the abundance associated with the global renaissance. Then those who think globally have seen the potential of the plan, because they see everyone on the planet as equal. "I like to travel to foreign nations, and the Ugly American concept makes people angry." The little children understand what it takes, and are willing to stand on the principles long before the parents do, except the parents have a tendency to squash them.

Forcing your own agenda doesn't work. Playing the games doesn't work. Thinking you are better or more important than others doesn't work. That is the power game of Pride, which leads to wars. The games go against Universal Law. You can't get the life you want by playing the games.