Thursday, December 8, 2016

We Are Divided and Blocked, Too, But There is also Light

The ripples of effects have gone out from the Grand Lie, and more and more people have been drawn into the illusion. Their goal is to separate people to keep them from communicating. If people meet on the street, the talk is very superficial.

What has occurred in Iraq and Syria is also occurring in Oregon and California. Our organization is enduring a hostile takeover bid, just like Iraq and Syria. The same crises occur on every level.

In "A Patch of Heaven," a booklet by eight US soldiers who were killed in Iraq, the Chaplain talks about how after he was killed, he traveled around the area and saw how the people lived. he went into their homes. They were in fear and worried about loved ones, and praying for peace. Little bursts of Light would go out with the prayers, but not enough to overcome the profound Darkness.

The Chaplain went home and watched his wife and children, and then he went searching for where the Light shines all the time, and that is why he came here. This  is where he found the Light he was looking for. This is an old warehouse where I publish, print and ship my books, which are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis."

Our organization is named Seth and Suzeranda Corporation. Seth is a seventh dimensional entity and he can be considered the architect of the plan, although he works with many others on his level. I am Suzeranda, which is my spiritual name, and I have fixed this multidimensional plan for peace on the third dimension. Together, the principles we stand on create a framework of projects that benefit everyone. It is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. Because we stand on these principles, we have the blessing of the Creator of us all to create our plan. That is where the Light comes from.

What is allowing world peace to come is that over half the population of the planet has now prayed for peace. The United States was not standing in the Light when we invaded Iraq. You cannot bring peace by waging war.

On December 12th, in the US Court of Appeals, an Iraqi woman is taking George W. Bush to court, and the basis for her case is the Chilcot Report--the Iraq Inquiry. This court case will stir up the question of whether George W. Bush waged an unlawful war against Iraq. That draws the entire United States into the case, because at the start of the war, Bush had an approval rating of over 70%.

The House of Representatives is starting its new two year session, and change only occurs easily at the end or the beginning of a cycle. Now is the time for Congress to address our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, and that triggers the plan for the proposed international government.

The first step in the creation of the plan is for the professional publishing team to come together to assume responsibility for the books. As Congress starts to consider the Exit Strategy for Iraq, the Light can start to come back into the world.