Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Today is the Solstice, so Up, Uranus?

Please excuse the silly astronomical/anatomical joke in the title. This is Armageddon, which means "the silly things people do," and among the silliest is to declare you are an expert in some field in which you have no experience, and then when caught unable to explain the theory, you may try to deflect the anger or tear apart the plan with a "gotcha"--an Up, Uranus!

I am not making a confession about our capacity to bring world peace. Our organization has experienced a hostile takeover bid, an act of revenge, and two of the power games associated with revenge depend on weaving an illusion. The conspirators seem to have all the power and credibility, and they have drawn people away from the legitimate organization, but they are functioning outside of their capacity, and when caught in their illusion, they generally do something silly.

Today is the solstice, and people from all over the world have traveled to Stonehenge to watch the sun rise, and have joined the celebration. How many of them understand the true purpose for the standing stones? Its original purpose has been lost to antiquity. Archeologists piece together their finds into a plausible interpretation for how life functioned 5,000 years ago.

Scientists say that an experiment must be able to be replicated and get the same results. The legal field say there must be a preponderance of evidence, and so the solution must be able to explain even the toughest questions that have arisen.

As we introduce the information to the world that Stonehenge was used as a site for conflict resolution, and the scientists expand their field of interest in their research, we may meet resistance from those who rely on the existing structure, and from the revelers who have gone to Stonehenge and have justified their partying as their right based on religious tolerance.

People who rely on the existing structure for their security and capacity, when the existing structure collapses, may go down into the power games.

This is where the World Peace Marketing Strategy comes into the picture. It enables everyone to function on a higher level, and this is something we will talk about when we travel to Stonehenge, because Stonehenge explains how people are drawn into movements.

Before we pack and get on the plane to England, we must demonstrate our capacity to solve the problems, so first comes bringing together our professional publishing team to help us with disseminating the teachings.

Then, we must be able to explain to the math professors at Oxford about the Unified Field Theory, and to be able to answer their toughest questions. In other words, we must function from our own capacity.