Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Shadow International Government Is Outsmarting You

One of the power games related to revenge is the game of Lust, and that name does not necessarily involve a sexual connection. The game of Lust is a compensatory power game that comes from the fear of Loss, and when played on the national and international levels, it leads to slavery and human rights violations.

Those who play the game of Greed set the stage for those who play the game of Lust to come into the Pentacle of Power. (If you want to learn more about the power games related to revenge, I recommend the Power Series.)

The game of Lust is a combination of the Game of Pride and the Game of Envy, where you are coming from a lack of capacity and a lack of respect. Your goal is a combination of a voice and abundance, which draws you into a social setting with wealthy, powerful people. Imagine that you don't feel comfortable being in their society, and so you have woven the illusion that you are very intelligent. You maybe are intelligent. You are in this social setting and make a comment about someone, a judgment, that makes you appear to be utterly clueless, and you don't know how to overcome your gaffe. You fear the loss of your goal, fear being ridiculed, and so you start to attack the person who is being judged.

People who play the game of Lust are functioning from outside of their capacity. Their capacity becomes weaving an illusion, trying to proven themselves by outsmarting you. The problem is that at first, most people give them the  benefit of the doubt, because what you see in someone else is what is inside of you, and these wealthy, powerful people are functioning for the most part from their own capacity, and so they see everyone as doing the same thing.

The idea for the international government is no secret. It has been online for 17 years, and the planning for the first 8 proposals has been online since 2012. Those who play the game of Lust have made themselves appear powerful and capable by appearing to know all about the plan for the international government, but they are not standing on the principles of it.

People recognize oppression when they see it. You cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives, so the power games become very oppressive, The games are covert, and you can be trapped in a moment.

This person is playing the roll of the allegorical devil, and is dragging you backwards in your progress.

So, how do you rise out of this crisis? You cannot convince someone that what they are doing won't work. To turn someone around it takes small steps. Our class materials and books offer you a way out of the crisis.

If you find yourself facing someone who plays the game of Lust, I recommend that you do what is in everyone's best interest, and that is to join the plan for the international government. The problem is letting go of what is dragging you into the abyss. That is why we start with opening ideas to debate. That allows people to see that it is possible to function on a higher level.

Imagine then that the person who is playing the roll of the allegorical devil is trying to drag you backwards in your progress, so rather than to fight, you turn around and start making progress in creating your own project, which is based on doing what is in everyone's best interest.

The person who plays the game of Lust is a sociopath, and uncomfortable in society. Many people play the game of Lust, and fear loss, but most don't reach the point where they resort to committing crimes. The rule Seth gave to me is that these people must be invited into the organization by their family, who will assume responsibility for the security issues.

There are world leaders who are sociopaths and they have enslaved their people. They have outsmarted their people, and the rule is that every nation is welcome to participate in the plan for the international government, but they must be invited into it by their people.