Saturday, November 19, 2016

We Are Syria. We Are Iraq. We are the World Peace Movement.

The ripples of effects from the Grand Lie have gone out to draw in every person on the planet. What is happening in Syria and Iraq is happening all over the world. A global genocide is spreading across the planet, and no place can avoid being dragged into the crisis. Even in America, the darkness is growing.

I live in Oregon, on the southern Oregon Coast, and once I was sitting in my car and watching the sea gulls landing in a small lagoon. The birds landed in a group on one side of the lagoon, and a few minutes later, one bird flew to the other side, and one by one, every bird but one followed that bird.

This is what has occurred in our organization. At first, the plan was centered in Oregon, and then eventually, every one of the potential members of the organization "flew down" into California. People are drawn to those who they believe have what they want.

It is the matter of where true power comes from, and some people believe power comes from money, and others believe is comes from military might, and others believe is comes from brutality.

If you want something, you can be trapped. To avoid the trap, you must know what you have. If you stand on the seven principles, you are unbeatable. The problem is helping those who are vulnerable and have been dragged into the trap.

I am not implying that the people in California are bad. Seth has worked with many groups, introducing different information in each group. The idea is for the groups to work together and bring about the plan for world peace, and I am sure the Seth channels have no objection to working with the other groups. The information Seth offers is the opportunity, the capacity and the equality to be able to create the life we want, and so we already have what we want. But, those around us don't, and that is what makes them vulnerable to those who function on a very low level.

As people are backed into the corner, the solution is to turn around and go through the door, and become part of the World Peace Movement, but those who play the power games of Envy and of Lust, which leads to genocides and slavery, have done everything they can to block the door. The games are based on weaving an illusion. The three other games related to revenge--war, massacres and terrorism--have reached their ultimate conclusion, and the pendulum has headed back toward the midpoint, but the games based on weaving an illusion have swung further out.

For a minute, consider the Iraqis and the Syrians, and the fact that they want to live their lives without interference. This is an inalienable right granted to them by the Creator of us all. Then, imagine what justification there is for any other nation to continue to fight on their sovereign soil. Many say this is a proxy war between Russia and the United States.

There is no justification for anyone other than Syrians and Iraqis to be there. The plan for the international government has been introduced, and those who have gone down into the power games are trying to keep it from coming about. This is their time to shine. Times of crisis enable those who function on the lower end of the evolutionary continuum to have their opportunity to get their life on a higher level, such as a hurricane or tsunami triggers an evacuation, and looters defy the order to leave.

The information from the spiritual hierarchy offers everyone on the planet the opportunity to get their life on a higher level. No one must wage war, because disputes will be settled in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead.

When there are riots and looting, what collapses it is that someone stands up to say, "this is not right."

To end a genocide, military response is not the solution. It makes the crisis worse. No matter how mighty the military is, they are already outsmarted. To end a genocide, someone must stand up and say, "stop." This is what the Seth channels are doing.

The first 25% of any movement stand on the principles. We rise in protest, but no one listens unless we offer a plan that benefits everyone, and that is the plan for world peace.

This is the World Peace Movement, and many people are rising in protest that they games of revenge are oppressive to the people.

Enough is enough.