Friday, November 4, 2016

If you want revenge, you will be trapped

Many people are in crisis because they chose to get revenge.

Revenge is based on five power games. Five people come together with what appears to be a common goal and the revenge is a means to an end, but none of the people actually have the same goal.  By accepting the opportunity to get revenge, they are betraying the person who is the target, and may have started as a simple misunderstanding suddenly turns the relationship into two adversaries or even enemies. Revenge makes you vulnerable to being drawn into the character defamation, and thefripples of crises that go out from the Grand Lie, and logjam to the point where people die because they come to the understanding they cannot get their life.

Revenge is descending into Hell, and circular thinking patterns. You got what you wanted, but it was not what you wanted--your dream life. You got revenge.

Our technology team received ideas for three innovative inventions, but before they can create their projects, they must address the idea of revenge, and this is where Iran comes into the picture on the international level. Iran is a technology-oriented country, and no one knows whether they will use their nuclear power to get revenge on Israel. Iran wants to be equal to the other nations, and overcome the effects of the economic sanctions that were put on them, but are they willing to stand on the principles of the cooperation of nature?

Before the Iraq War started, Saddam Hussein sent his nuclear scientists into Iran and assumed that this would be a gesture of good will. Both nations were being oppressed by the United States, but the Iran betrayed Saddam Hussein. By doing so, Iran was trapped in the illusion that is being woven by those who play the power game of Lust, which is manifested by slavery and human rights violations. Lust and Envy, and genocides, are both based on weaving an illusion.

How can anyone overcome the illusion that has trapped nearly everyone?

The first thing to understand is that mankind lives in the third dimension, which is called The Illusion, and we have been trapped in the illusion for almost as long as mankind has walked on this planet. Our global society is the result of countless past genocides and wars and massacres. The spiritual hierarchy has sent mankind ascended masters to raise mankind out of the illusion.

The contingency for world peace is that everyone has had to be squeezed to let go of the old structure which is based on power games and to come into the new, which is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. The games have had to reach their ultimate conclusion and players of the games have had to face the backlashes from the games.

The first step for most people who walk away from organized religion and become a student of spirituality is to face a crisis, and to find a spiritual teacher.

At this time, the spiritual teachers are facing their tests, too, so it come down to the point where one individual has a plan and demonstrates it works, and that brings in more people, and they bring in more.

That started with our prayer circle and the books, which are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis. As the plan for world peace is being introduced, it must differentiate into segments.

On the international basis, we start with Iran.

Iran is a technological nation, but it is also a theocracy. It bridges spirituality and technology, but focuses on power and where true power comes from. Does it come from power games? Having extreme wealth? When Iran comes into the plan for the international government, it can bring in the business and economics segment.

But, every religion is based on the application of Universal Law. By getting revenge on Saddam Hussein, Iran got trapped in the illusion. Before Iran can join the framework, they had to walk away from their project of creating an energy source, and its possible use as a weapon.

It is the idea of opposing ideas on the planning circle, which we address in the Faith of the Pure Ray project. If you have a plan, will it be used as a tool or a weapon? Will it benefit mankind or tear it apart?

We are now looking at Science and Religion.

The idea of Universal Law of Cause and Effect  is similar to what Sir Isaac Newton said, that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Mankind is now addressing that to get the life you want, you cannot go against Universal Law. It can be a punishment or a tool to enable you to get the life you want.

The power games no longer work. There is always a backlash to the games. The preemptive strike on Iraq was an act of revenge that went against the principles of Universal Law, and by denying the Iraqi people their inalienable rights, America is now losing ours. To get them back, we must guarantee them to every person on the planet, and leave no one out.

The game of Lust is also a power games and comes from the fear of Loss, of being hurt, and pushing people away and holding onto them. The ultimate conclusion of the game is that you are entirely alone. No family. No friends. When played on a cultural, national and international level, it leads to slavery. Imagine, then, that for the world leaders who play this game, their people are property. To come out of the Illusion, its victims must have a place to go, and that is the plan for the international government, and the Faith of the Pure Ray project.

The power a nation has is based on population in the international House of Representatives, and the Faith of the Pure Ray churches will include offices of the international government to enable people to leave the nation if they believe they are being oppressed. That nation will lose power on the international level and see the immediate backlashes from the games.

The United States is responsible for ending the conflict in Iraq, but does not have the right to interfere in that nation. To regain the power we lost by preemptively invading Iraq and toppling their government, we must stop playing the power games of regime change, and guarantee to the Iraqi people their inalienable rights. The contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq is that the Unites States must amend our Constitution.