Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Behind the Rise of the Shadow World Government

When the idea for the proposed international government was first introduced in 1999, in a book called "A Manual for Peace," by Seth and me, everyone at our prayer circle thought the idea was great. Everyone signed a paper in support of the plan. The plan for world peace then became the overview plan. The principles we stand on create a framework of projects, and everyone assumes responsibility for our own project, and the plan for the international government became my project.

World peace is too big for most people to think about. The plan separates into segments, based on the Flower of Life patterns, and then into projects, and everything is based on sharing one's talents and gifts.

Rather than working together by making win-win agreements to create the plan, the prayer circle started to dissolve at that time. Everyone was getting the life they want, like God had given it to us on a silver platter. The problem was that we didn't know how to create our projects. We had to start to make win-win agreements.

As the idea continued to spread, I talked to people about the plan, channeled proposals in 2003, and sent them first to the stakeholders of the conflict in Iraq, and then when no one paid any attention, created a newsletter and sent it to the embassies in Washington, DC. The idea was leveraged up the levels of government. The ambassadors would not regard my simple newsletter, but when they found out how many people from their nation supported the plan for the international government, they listened to that.

As the idea went out, people made assumptions that were not true. The assumptions are based on the idea where true power comes from. Equated ideas get people into trouble. The truth is that the books and proposals are channeled from a seventh dimensional entity, named Seth, and because he is doing what is in everyone's best interest, he has the support from God, the Creator of us all. That is where Universal Law enters into the picture, and is the source of the plan.

There were still the people who wanted to do their projects, but didn't know how to do them. The idea continued to spread after the prayer circle collapsed, and one of the people who heard about the plan made the judgment against me that she has more capacity to create the plan, and so she went around to the other members of the original prayer circle and drew them toward her.

She is not connected to the source. Only enough information about any of the projects has been introduced to open the idea to debate, and it takes all 200 people of the organization to bring the plan about. Everyone must function from within their own capacity, and no one can function outside their capacity.

Seth works with several channels and we are scattered all over the United States, and he probably has channels in every country. It is up to him to make the connections, but the woman who stole the plan knows people in two or more of the Seth groups.

The rise of the shadow world government is based on the number of people who equate the ideas about where true power comes from. She drew people around her and offered them what she doesn't rightfully have, and trapped people in the illusion. Rather than to function as a queen bee, she functions like a spider.

Spiders don't have the capacity to  make honey. They function for their own interests. They trap other insects and suck out their life. This is how the shadow international government functions and rose into power.

In one of my earliest channeled messages that came out of the prayer circle, one of my guides, an elemental spirit--Spider Mother--talks about how if a spider makes a web that stretches between two objects, it should stretch between two solid objects, not a solid object and one that can be blown about in the wind. The web will break. The solid object is the plan for the international government and the movable object can be a person of power, such as Hillary Clinton, who appears to be a solid object--a tree--but she has been tossed about by the wind.

There has been a fear that an international government will rise that will enslave people, and what is ironic is that those people who fear the creation of the international government have been the easiest to become trapped in the spider's web.

At this time, no one really knows who supports the plan for the international government and who is part of the shadow government. It really makes no difference. The first proposal addresses the need for disputes to be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and by the time we introduce all the information about how revenge works and why it doesn't work, it will be possible to have fair trials, and the truth will come out in court.

God will not work with anyone who does not stand on the principles of Universal Law.