Saturday, November 12, 2016

Breaking News! President Obama is trapped!

The president of the United States is trapped and sees no way out of his crisis. President Obama has a very wide perspective, and he saw the potential for the plan for the international government to be the solution to all the problems we are facing as a nation and a planet, He went out and talked about the plan, and many people agreed to it, but those who are jockeying for power to become the emperor of the planet, who play the power games of genocide and slavery, have tried to prevent the plan from moving forward. They are killing people and destroying historical sites and mosques to keep people in fear.

How can I say this? What proof do I have? Our man who is parallel to President Obama is trapped in the illusion. What is occurring in Iraq and Syria is occurring within our organization. Whatever he does makes the crisis worse. He must turn it over to someone who has the capacity to solve the problems. Who will that be?

Many world leaders are in this same crisis. Every time one of these world leaders tries to make a move, a "rain of terror" starts. The entire planet is log-jammed this way. People are trapped in the illusion.

When the plan for the international government based on the U.S. Constitution was first introduced, a shadow international government was also created by people who saw it as their opportunity to function on a higher level. The shadow international government is a sham. An illusion. There is no international structure where world leaders are coming together to create the international government. If they are meeting to talk about the plan and even making agreements, they don't know who their allies are nor their enemies. There are many misunderstandings and plots and subplots being hatched. If their goals are not the same, eventually, the agreements will collapse.

The shadow international government  exists because most people are by nature reluctant to join movements, or uneducated or uninformed, and those who are grabbing for power take advantage of that fact. The game of weaving an illusion is based on outsmarting others. No one is in agreement for such an institution to be created. At this time, some who appear to be part of it are actually trying to become the emperor of the planet and others believe that the shadow government is the international government and don't know how to find a sense of balance again.

This battle over the plan was inevitable. They stole the plan, but didn't understand the plan, so they stole the principles, but didn't understand the principles. Then they have to work with my organization because it is up to us to create the projects, but our organization is divided, too, and most people are pushing away those who can help them and holding onto what can't.

In the Illusion, people are 180 degrees from where they think they are. The Illusion is based on believing you cannot get the life you want, but that is no so. You just haven't seen it yet. It is based on the misunderstanding about where true power come from. It is a matter of equated ideas, like money and power. Equated ideas get people into trouble. People may appear to be audacious, and appear to have everything, but in reality, they have nothing. It is a matter of understanding that there is always a backlash to the power games because they come from a sense of lack. Why grab for power if you already have it?

The symbol of revenge is the pentacle. If you draw a five pointed star and remove the points, what is left is a pentagon.  The U.S. military appears to be the most powerful in the world, but were not able to stop the insurgency in Iraq, people who made weapons in their kitchens. The grab for oil and a strategic location in Iraq ended up by creating a civil war and no one got control of the oil. The knee-jerk reaction that ends a war makes a genocide worse, so if President Obama is listening to his military advisers to end the conflict in Iraq, they are making it worse, not better.

There are the world leaders who rose to power within their own nation by playing games of genocide and slavery. Both power games rely on weaving an illusion, and most of those world leaders rule countries that sit at the bottom of the economic continuum. Look at the Light Source Invention and see that poverty follows slavery. They appear to be your ally but the aid never reaches the people.  Now they are doing a hostile takeover of the planet.

The fear associated with the international government is that it will enslave people, and this is what keeps people from stepping up to participate in the debate, but by refusing to participate, it becomes a sense of betrayal, and if you betray someone, that is part of the trap. They own you and your family.

To kill others denies them of their inalienable right to live their life without interference. It may seem to work, but it goes against Universal Law, and Universal Law is immutable.

The World Peace Marketing Strategy allows everyone to get the life they want, and no one can be left out of the benefits of the plan. It is just that those who saw the idea as their grand opportunity to get their life as emperor of the planet are making waves in the Light Source Invention, and therefore, have proven their intent.

People know oppression when they see it. The illusion is crumbling because everyone has shown their intent. To get your life on a higher level, you must function on a higher level. You cannot get the life you want by weaving an illusion.

The rule is that the invitation to join the international government must come from the people, not the governments. Not the world leaders. Not President Obama. He can agree to the plan and by doing so, enable it to go mainstream. But, the idea keeps going out and out and eventually, everyone will become aware of the plan. The United States must amend our Constitution. It starts not the president of the United States, but our organization, because we must go out and lobby the people and speak about how the plan will benefit them for them to vote for the plan. We have absolutely no power, but power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done, so we have more power than anyone can imagine.

The plan for the international government must come from the people, when the people are ready.