Monday, October 24, 2016

What everyone wants

The one thing that every person on the planet wants is to be able to create the life he or she wants. Each of us is born with a blue print in our hearts of the perfect life for us, one that allows us to fulfill our purpose in life. No one knows how to do so.

The framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature is synonymous to the Biblical Banquet Table, and mankind lives like the proverbial dogs that fight for scraps that fall onto the floor. The floor is the third dimension, the legs are the fourth, and the table top is the fifth dimension, so to reach our place at the table requires us to let go of what keeps us in the third dimension and then start to function bases on the principles of the cooperation of nature. We must overcome our nature.

Our prayer circle was, basically, and ascended masters program that enabled us to function on a higher level. Now the teachings we received we are able to pass on to the rest of the planet so everyone can do the same thing.

The children who are being born now remember what it was like in Heaven, and they are still willing to share their talents and gifts with others, but they are being dragged into the crisis, too, and it is getting harder for them to overcome the power games the adults are playing.

It is the responsibility of the adults to bring world peace, and the young adults to maintain world peace, and the children to live in peace. They are not capable of doing what the adults refuse to do.

Jesus said, "Suffer to bring the little children to me." This is how that will come about.

The children have the right to come to me and to ask to be part of the organization, but one of their parents must be willing to share his or her talents and gifts. Then, the parent has the right to bring in other children, and they will have the right to bring in the other parent. It is by invitation--and by demonstration. We will help the children to create their life without interference, which is an inalienable right all of us have granted to us by our Creator.

If you deny another person, no matter his or her age, the right to live their life without interference, under Universal Law, you lose the right to get your own life, and that is synonymous with being able to fulfill your purpose in life.

The same thing applies to the nations. It is up to the people to invite their government into the international government. If a government is oppressive to its people, it risks being left out of the international government.