Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Soul Agreement with the World Leaders

When the plan for world peace was first introduced in 1999, it was to our prayer circle. As the chapters of the book that Seth and I were channeling were finished, I brought them to the prayer circle and passed them around for everyone to read. Then, when it came time for the finished manuscript to be submitted to the publisher, the book was rejected, and we turned the book over to God and Seth.

What was ignored by the prayer circle was the message in the book, with all the tools and empowerment necessary to create world peace is our own lives. It really didn't matter whether the publisher accepted the book or not, because on the individual level, we were given the opportunity to create the life we want, but everyone already had a plan and each believed he or she was on course to bring it about.

The same thing is occurring on every level. We have a soul agreement with the world leaders for them to hear the message, but not to accept it, because no one changes his or her behavior until it becomes necessary to do so. People make choices that are supposed to lead to their goal, but misunderstandings kick us off course, and it isn't until we come to the understanding that we are lost that we ask for help.

Religion for the masses is not there it educate people, but to be the foundation for when we get into crisis. That is when you become a student.

The world leaders are aware of the plan now, just as the publisher is aware of the book, and now we can continue on and work on the next level. There is a saying that "we can plant the seed but it is up to God to enable it to grow."

As the proposals are introduced, the first step is to bring in the independent members of the organization, and the first people to come in are the professional publishing team. This time, it is not attempting to convince the publisher to accept the manuscript, because Seth has brought the team together and one is the trigger and the other is the intent.

The trigger is the catalyst that brings everyone together, and the intent is the person who, once everyone is together, his or her agreement motivates the idea to go forward. Their agreement benefits everyone.

The same thing is occurring on the international level. There is a trigger and an intent, and once the intent agrees, the plan will move forward. You could say that all the leaders of the first eight nations to come into the plan for the international government are the first team, and all have something in common. They all fell into crisis due to the sense of judgment.

Each year, eight more nations will receive proposals, and they will create a team, also, with a trigger and an intent.

Now it is time for the prayer circle to understand that there are three levels to the Universe--the Father, the Mother and the Son--the Principles, the Power and the Project. For the projects to go forward, all three levels must apply.

If the books are pirated, for example, the three levels of the Universe don't apply. Seth told me that half the income from the books must go to support the organization and the projects, and not to worry if the books are pirated because there is always a backlash to the games. As people fret and ruminate over the fact that the books have been pirated, they lose power to the pirates. To regain the power they have lost, Seth has included the tools of emotional healing and soul reintegration in "A Manual for Peace." The pirates are coming down in power as they face the backlashes and we are learning where true power comes from.

The second proposal draws in the channels to work at the crisis center. Many people are in crisis, and to get out of your own crisis, you must help others to get out of theirs. Mankind is learning the power games don't work, and to get the life you want, you must apply the Universal Law of Cause and Effect as a tool rather than a punishment.

The intent of the crisis center team must agree to bring in all the channels.

The intent is parallel to the United States, the overview perspective.

Many world leaders are aware of the plan, but it won't be until the U.S. government agrees to the plan that the plan will go forward. Already, the second year's nations are starting to gather, but they cannot solve their problems until the first issue is resolved and that is to end the conflict in Iraq. The Exit Strategy for Iraq sets the stage for the creation of the international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield. The United States cannot afford to wage a global war, so we are being squeezed by China and Russia, and Iran and the Philippines to make our choice.

Will we stand on the principles of the international government, and on all three levels?