Friday, October 7, 2016

Unraveling the Logjam

In Rwanda, the genocide reached the point where no one was safe from the mayhem as people with prejudice and ulterior motives moved in to take advantage of the opportunity to grab for what wasn't rightfully theirs. The masterminds behind the illusion and the mayhem of a genocide understand that their power is in weaving an illusion, and continue to twist and turn and come up with new ways to outsmart the people who just wish to live their lives without interference. This is the result of the ripples of effects that go out, drawing more and more people into the crisis.

Being able to live your life without interference is an inalienable right granted to us by our Creator, and government's purpose is to guarantee our inalienable rights. To deny another their rights goes against Universal Law--you lose your own rights. It takes time for the backlashes to be manifested, so many people do not see the Cause and Effect of their actions.

To stop a genocide, does it take someone like Paul Kagame to bring together an army to degrade and destroy, or can it be done another way, because how do you know who to shoot? What if that single act of violence is someone defending himself and his family and his property because he is the rightful owner and was drawn away from his property and family temporarily and someone moved in and is declaring himself to be the rightful owner, or the rightful head of the family, like what has occurred with Boko Haram and the abduction of the young girls?

How can you take a case like this to court, if the court documents have been subverted? What if everything you can do has been twisted and turned?

You cannot unravel the illusion. With each ripple that comes in, there is a log-jamming effect that reinforces the illusion, and you are always in the reactive mode. At this time, the United States is attempting to stop the mayhem in Syria, but Syria is one more place the global genocide is erupting and the illusion is very strong. The mayhem can erupt in every nation, and in any city, and eventually, if your plan is to degrade and destroy, you will fail.

To end the conflict in Iraq, which is where the global genocide started, someone must stand up to defend Saddam Hussein. Our organization is doing that, but the issue that he was innocent of the charges against him must be addressed. People must understand the difference between the principles and the power games that have created a schism within our government and started the Battles of Armageddon that are tearing apart the planet. We are introducing a plan that ends genocides and has the capacity to unravel the illusion by teaching people about the power games related to revenge, how they work, why they don't work, and how to function on a higher level when the games backlash on you.

For conflict resolution, everyone must be considered equal. Everyone is in crisis. The victims of the power games and the perpetrators of the games as they backlash are in crisis, but everyone plays the games. To unravel the illusion, we start by creating the crisis center, and offering free channeling sessions with God, the Creator of us all.  God doesn't judge people. The games are bad, not the people.

When people are in crisis, they are 180 degrees from where they think they are. Your plan must enable people, to overcome the crisis, turn people around again and to get back on course to their goal.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq sets the stage for the international court system, and disputes will be settled in court rather than the battlefield. To unravel the illusion, we are first introducing the books that are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis, then the Oxford and Stonehenge event to funnel people through the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and then progress into mediation where everyone has a voice, which enables a sense of respect and tolerance to come about. The next step is to take it to the courts, followed by purifying the legal system to address the glitches that enabled the conflict to occur.

The last step is participation in the international government, and that is what everyone wants to do. That is the point where everyone is functioning on a higher level, which is what the mayhem was meant to achieve, but never had the capacity to do.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is contingent on all Americans working together to amend our Constitution to create the additional layer of government over the top of what already exists. This allows us to regain the power we lost by breaking Universal Law, and the entire planet the opportunity to function on a higher level.

World peace must come when the people demand it from their government. At this time, we have two presidential candidates who are hawks, people who equate power and military might. Equating ideas is what gets people into trouble. But, our Founding Fathers were wise men and they placed in our Constitution more than one path to amend our Constitution, and the president of the United States does not sign the amendment into law. He or she has one vote, just like everyone else. Congress is log-jammed, also, and has prevented the States from being able to exercise the States rights to amend our Constitution through the Article V path that our Founding Fathers included in the Constitution. Just recently, a nonprofit organization hosted a mock Article V amendment convention, and so there is growing support for one to be held. With a 20% Congressional approval rating, many people believe it is time for Congress to turn over responsibility to the States.

It is time for all Americans to take back responsibility for our lives, and to regain the power we turned over to our government. It is time to demonstrate that you cannot get the life you want by preventing someone else from having their inalienable rights that our Constitution guarantees because it goes against Universal Law.