Sunday, October 2, 2016

Saddam Hussein to George W. Bush: "I want a divorce"

For a global renaissance to come about, every person on the planet must assume responsibility for his or her own financial support and security. At this time, the planet is being torn apart because half the people are facing their fears because they depend on another person, and that person is not willing or able to support him or her.

Marriages now are oftentimes based on romantic attachments, which turn into genocides, because when the breadwinner of the family stands on the principles, it threatens the spouse's security and support, and the spouse's fears are triggered. His or her response is to go down into the power games, including acts of revenge. A series of battles occurs, called Battles of Armageddon, drawing in more and more people.

The last stage of a genocide is negotiation, but the terms are untenable, so the couple splits. That forces the spouse to make a choice. The spouse can enter into another marriage right away, or may also face his or her fears and start to assume responsibility for his or her own life. That involves joining the organization or the organization framework, which extends to include every person on the planet.

The framework is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, which is based on sharing one's talents and gifts in a series of win-win agreements. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements.

On the international level, the entire planet is enduring a genocide that was started between Saddam Hussein and George. W. Bush. When Saddam Hussein stood up in protest that the sanctions were too oppressive, it triggered the fears of George W. Bush, who went down into the games. The United States was looking for natural resources, and Iraq has or had the world's third largest reserves of oil. Rather than to make a win-win agreement for the oil, the United States went to war in Iraq. The conflict devolved as a genocide, and it has continued to draw in more and more people into the conflict.

Within our organization, the same battles have gone on between me--I am parallel to Saddam Hussein-- and my estranged husband, Jeff, who is parallel to George W. Bush. His mother is parallel to George H.W. Bush, and our daughter is parallel to the Iraqi people.

The financial crisis in our family has spiraled down so that no one is able to get the life each of us wants. We all have the potential and the desire to function on a far higher level. I have my talents and gifts of being able to channel, and have channeled many books, but the act of revenge against me drew in many people to prevent me from being able to use them, and the rest of the family cannot see how they can create a cash flow by sharing their own. I started my own publishing company, but have not been able to sell my books.

We are going through a divorce process, but rather than tear apart the family completely, it is up to me to help everyone to transition to the point where they are responsible for their own lives, part of the framework of the organization.

The solution that ends the genocide is the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. We are going to court, but not under the existing courts. We are going to first create the court based on the proposal, and do it within the organization to demonstrate the potential of the plan. I was squeezed out of the family, just like Saddam Hussein was, so the court case is between our daughter and her father. It starts out with getting the books published to demonstrate it is possible for me to create a cash flow based on my talents and gifts, and that allows me to offer my family positions in my business.

I have been going through the top row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which is designed for those who stand on the principles. It helps me to rebuild my financial support and family foundation based on my talents and gifts. The Lifepartnership packet contains the information on how to apply the Conflict Resolution brochures in my own life. It is my opportunity to function on a higher level, but not by relying on someone else for my support.

If I succumb to the fear of failure, and fall into the trap of relying on someone else for my financial support, I would leap into another marriage. Get into another cycle.

But, I have a choice to go up, down or straight ahead. If I resort to acts of revenge, I go down, face the backlashes, and no one comes out ahead. If I ignore the crisis, I pass it on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage. Rather, I choose to find someone who can be my advocate--my lifepartner--who can speak from his own similar experience to defend me to my family to end the family genocide, and I will do the same for him. This allows us to create a win-win agreement so that both of us can draw in our family. Everyone comes out ahead.

Demonstrating the potential of the Exit Strategy for Iraq allows everyone to come out ahead. The next step is to demonstrate its potential within our organization to end the hostile takeover of the organization based on the character defamation campaign, and then on the international level to end the global genocide that started in Iraq.