Thursday, September 1, 2016

Who has what you want?

Our organization is enduring a hostile takeover in the form of a character defamation campaign. The entire planet is facing a hostile takeover in the form of the rise of the caliphate or anyone who is attempting to rise to the role of emperor by playing favorite power games. Two power games are based on weaving an illusion--genocide and slavery.

It is very difficult to overcome the illusion. You must understand how the games work, and why they don't work.

There has been a fear that the creation of an international government will lead to the enslavement of the people, and now mankind is facing that fear, because what you fear, you bring toward you. There is a legitimate plan that benefits everyone, and one that enslaves the people, so how can you tell which is which?

This is a time of profound darkness. Then, as in the times of darkness, God, the Creator of us all, hears our prayers and sends a Son--someone who will lead us out of the crisis. The Bible warns the end times are a time when false prophets will become a threat. There are people who want to drag others deeper into the abyss. The question is "who has what you want?"

In the Illusion, we are 180 degrees from where we think we are. We are lost and headed the wrong direction. Until we reach the understanding that we are lost, no one can convince us that we are headed the wrong direction.

The idea behind the question is are you depending on someone or something that cannot help you get the life you want? For some people, relying on the person who is dragging you into the abyss is the answer to the way out of the crisis.

The question then is "what do you want?" If you want revenge, that is all you will get.

You can't get the life you want by getting revenge. 

The first step for the first proposal is to bring in the professional publishing team. Everyone on the team has a history related to spiritual teachings, and now they are being given the opportunity to function on a higher level. They must apply in their own lives what they have learned and taught to others. To this point, spiritual books have focused on that you create your own reality, now the message is how to create your own reality. This takes the spiritual movement to the entire planet, but also the entire planet has something to teach the spiritual teachers because everyone has already been working to create the life they want, but getting kicked off course by playing the power games.

What has what you want? The existing structure? Someone who wants to drag you into acts of revenge? Someone who is standing in the Light and applying the teachings in his or her own life?