Saturday, September 17, 2016

Many paths to the same destination

Our destination is the conference of world leaders in Europe. Our organization will host the conference once the U.S. legal system has been purified to prevent the chaos in our legal system from spreading onto the international level. We know where we want to go, but we must know where we are and the steps to get there.

Each proposal offers a different path to the conference. The Track Our Progress planning for each of the proposals is a map to the conference, and the Exit Strategy for Iraq is the first path that one family and one nation--Iraq--will take. The contingency for the Exit Strategy is the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal to the United States. Both are actually U.S. proposals, and it is as if the United States is coming to the understanding that existing policies for ending crises in the world won't work, and so a new plan must be addressed. If everything you do just makes the crisis worse, it is time to turn it over to someone who can solve the problem and is already solving the problem. This will occur for every proposal.

The conflict in Iraq devolved as a global genocide, and ripples of effects have gone out from the Grand Lie to draw in every person on the planet. Our organization started with a prayer circle, and each week we met to pray for people in crisis and for the planet, including the conflict in Iraq. We proved our intent, and we got answers to our prayers, but God, the Creator of us all, did not miraculously solve the problems for us, they explained to us how to solve problems and then empowered us to take the steps in our own lives. Karen Holmes, a channel--a prophet--channeled a series of books and booklets that are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis."

People must be squeezed to participate in the framework based on the cooperation of nature. The global conflict is leaving many people in crisis, but the books enable people to understand how to overcome their crises and to walk forward to create the life they want.

The idea is that people must come up with a plan that benefits everyone, and their plan must address the root cause of the crisis. At this point, people generally go to someone to help them, but the question is who? Lady Gaia is the female aspect of God, and she is willing to help us to solve problems by giving us the root cause of the crises we are facing, and Seth, one of our guides, teaches the planning process.

If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process, you can find the solution.

God also gives us our talents and gifts, which enable us to fulfill our purposes in life.

The second path, then, is to work with Light-bearers who can channel God, and because everyone is in crisis, the overview crisis center is the place to start--based on the plan for the international government. It is up to God who they work with.

These are the first stages in our planning, and they allow us to bring in the project teams, and that allows us to bring in the people.

The United States and Iraq will be on the path to the conference to Europe as both nations work through the planning stages and steps of their proposals.