Monday, September 12, 2016

There is a solution to the rise of ISIS

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of 9/11, the worst terrorist attack on the planet, and I am sure that fifteen years ago today, the big question on the minds of the U.S. government was on how to stop the terrorists.

Mankind always has three choices, but in times of crisis, only two are tenable. One was to ignore the crisis and continue to be backed into the proverbial corner, the other to build a coalition of nations to fight violent extremism and to fight militarily, but neither addresses the root cause of terrorism, which is that people on the bottom have no voice in matters of grave concern, and they must raise their voice to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence. The solution go up and to end al Qaeda was not to degrade and destroy, but to open a dialogue and to address their grievances.

Fifteen years ago, the plan for the international government was not yet an option, and the choice was for a War on Terror. The preemptive strike on Iraq was an act of revenge, which drew together world leaders who play five favorite power games, so rather than to end the games, the games have proliferated. Forming the coalition to degraded and destroy al Qaeda seemed to work, but it set the stage for ISIS.

ISIS is based on the power game of Lust, which creates a sense of illusion that enslaves people. I am not just talking about the victims of ISIS, but ISIS itself, which is made up of people who have been dragged into the genocide and now have no way out of their crisis. They have been enslaved. People who are enslaved lack compassion. To end slavery, they need a place to go. The refugees may function on a higher level than ISIS does, because at least they may be tolerated in other nations.

Our organization is going through the same crisis. Many young men and women have been enslaved, like gang members, and were expected to perpetrate criminal acts or framed for acts and did so out of fear for their own lives, and now they are being charged with crimes. Older people who should know better were approached and offered what appeared to be a legitimate business proposition, but it was a trap. Many people are now profoundly mentally ill. It has created a huge quagmire, with no apparent solution.

But, there is a solution, and it is the plan for the international government--and on a parallel basis, our organization.

ISIS is sponsored by one individual who wants to become the emperor of the planet. That individual is parallel to a nation, so ISIS can be considered a state-sponsored organization, but he or she hides behind the illusion. This person has woven the illusion with the idea of outsmarting others, but it is like a sleight of hand sense of illusion, and when discovered, he or she is like a weasel, and twists and turns so you can't grab hold. The idea is to delay the inevitable creation of the international government. Fear and darkness are spreading across the face of the planet.

The solution is not to fight, because you are always in a reactive mode and because of the lines of defense by the slaves and the innocent people who have been dragged into the conflict. It is difficult to determine who is telling the truth, and the truth does not overcome the lie. It has reached the point where no one knows who to trust.

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!"

ISIS seems unstoppable, but the solution is the plan for the international government, and to start to defend oneself from ISIS by understanding that no one can prevent you from getting the life you want--but your life is not based on something that you have been offered, but to fulfill your purpose in life. This is one of the inalienable rights granted to each of us on the planet, the right to create our life without interference, and therefore anyone who attempts to steal it from us is fighting the Universe and cannot win.

The power games don't work, and there is always a backlash to the games because they go against Universal Law. It is in no one's best interest for one individual to become emperor of the planet, and there is always a backlash to the games. The backlash to enslaving people is that you, yourself, will be enslaved.

Everyone was born into a country, so in a way, everyone must be counted as a citizen of their home nation. The invitations to participate in the international government requires people to address conflict resolution within their nation. A majority of the people on the planet has prayed for peace and so it can come. People know oppression when we see it. The power games are no longer being tolerated.

The governments of many nations have been undermined as part of the hostile takeover of the planet, and a schism has formed between factions. One faction is standing on the principles and the other has gone down into the power games. Like a hostile divorce, the people of the nation are caught without a foundation to be able to get their life, and other nations are coming in to interfere. This is called "Armageddon," which means "the silly things people do." People are doing illogical things to prevent everyone from working together to create the international government--to postpone its creation, like a delaying tactic. There are a series of battles, and the last one is when one walks away and the other is forced to find a teacher, and that involves joining the plan for the international government, also.

This is occurring all over the planet now.

The first step, then, is not to fight ISIS, but to end the global genocide by addressing the fact that Saddam Hussein was innocent of the charges, that there were no WMD. The United States must assume responsibility for our role in the conflict in Iraq, and the acts of revenge that followed. By participating in the Exit Strategy for Iraq, where disputes between nations are resolved in court, the United States is agreeing to a plan that benefits everyone.

The legal system of the international government will be based on Universal Law, to which everyone on the planet has been exposed. You can't get your life by breaking Universal Law.

The Light must start to come back into the world, and that is the understanding that there is a solution, and therefore, there is hope for the future. Everyone must understand the root cause of the crisis, how we got into the crisis, where we are now, where we are going and how to get there. The root cause is the act of revenge against Saddam Hussein, and by understanding how revenge works and why it doesn't work, and how the Battles of Armageddon function, the Light can grow again and peace can come.

Step by step, the proposals unravel the illusion that has been woven.