Friday, September 23, 2016

Is America on the wrong side of history?

I have watched the conflict in Syria. Our organization can offer a different and wider perspective that clears up misunderstandings.

When the plan for the international government was first offered to the core group of our prayer circle, each of us were told we play parallels to people who were part of major historical movements. We are parallels to existing world leaders and aspects of past kings, queens and presidents, and other famous people from the past. Before we were born, we watched to see how they functioned, and then we were born into this cycle of historical events, and it is now our turn to play out the same events.

Cycles don't replay the events exactly the same. Each cycle spirals up a bit, so the crises are not quite so difficult. What makes this time period unusual is that all the cycles have lined up, and we are playing out several roles, and because change only occurs easily at the beginning and the end of a cycle, this has been a time of great changes. Many people are resisting the evolutionary changes.

The man who is parallel to Bashar al-Assad of Syria is an aspect George Washington, who is known as he Father of the United States of America.

George Washington fought in the French and Indian War.  He was a colonial delegate from Virginia to the conventions of the founding fathers, and while he said little during the debates, he saw before the others that war was inevitable, that a diplomatic solution was not possible, and so when the founding fathers agreed to go to war, he was the logical person to take command of the revolutionary army.

The man who is parallel to George W. Bush is an aspect of Thomas Jefferson. George W. Bush's preemptive strike on Iraq--(the person who is parallel to Saddam Hussein is an aspect of  John Adams) is a reflection of the relationship between two men who had a close relationship, but also very antagonistic.

The act of revenge against Saddam Hussein created a schism within the U.S. government, between the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republicans for many years have equated patriotism with waging war.  Does George W. Bush play the same role in history that King George III play in England?

The question now becomes, does fighting Bashar al Assad place the United States on the wrong side of history?