Sunday, February 7, 2016

The professional publishing team

The first book that Karen Holmes channeled was written in  May 1999, with her guide, Seth, a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his books through Jane Roberts. "A Manual for Peace" explains the application of the principles of how world peace will function, and offers prophecies for the next thousand years. 

You might wonder why it took so long for it to make it to the shelves, and that story will be told soon, once the professional publishing team comes together. The books were pirated, and the illusion associated with them must be unraveled. 

How could they stand on the principles of world peace by going to war?

With each proposal that comes out, there will be a set of published materials that offer the proposals and explain the principles, the application of the principles, the overview concept, and the planning stages and steps. Each proposal is unique, and covers diverse topics related to world peace, as different as conflict resolution and business and economics. Each year, we are introducing eight proposals, so imagine the difficulty in one person being responsible for understanding all the topics well enough to pass the judgment of the experts in the field, offering innovative concepts that are presently beyond what is found on the internet. The only way that could be done is by channeling the information from the spiritual hierarchy.

"A Manual for Peace" seems simple and logical, but Nobel Prizes still go out to people who are attempting to bring world peace. Peace has been beyond the greatest diplomatic minds on the planet. 

This book goes beyond what the prayer circle imagined back in 19999. It helps to unravel the illusion that has gone out as part of the ripples associated with the global genocide that is unfolding as the result of the Iraq War. 

In December of 1999 Holmes and Seth channeled "A Manual for the One World Government," which is associated with the Constitutional Amendment proposal. It helps to bring together the two sides of the organization--the inventors and the investors.

Seth told Holmes not to worry about the books being pirated, that they would come out once a "million people were in the right time, place and frame of mind for peace to come."  He said also that the pirates would face the backlash from their power games. 

The international government's legal system will be based on the principles of Universal Law. This helps to unify the planet, because we are all subject to it, and it helps individuals to understand the power games don't work. So, if the games don't work, the next question is, what will?

The cooperation of nature. Making win-win agreements to get what you need. But, then you must discern who has what you want. If you want revenge, you will face the backlashes from the games.

Our books explain how to recognize the games in our own lives and when we see them in others.