Sunday, February 7, 2016

The curse of prion disease is associated with genocides

At our prayer circle, we received the prophecy that seven curses will spread across the planet. The curses are associated with the power games people are playing, and will spread as the games reach their ultimate conclusion. We were told that tsunamis will occur, and pancreatic cancer, and many people who play the power game of Pride will experience premature aging. One more relates to the deaths of children, but this will come from seemingly unknown causes, and not from them being murdered.

Prion disease may be one of the curses, or it may be a covert or overt action that is played to take away the freedom of the people.  If it is a covert action, the associated game is Greed, which leads to massacres. Whatever the associated games, it is tearing apart the potential members of our organization and so we are working to introduce a solution as part of our Crisis Center.

At this time we believe it is associated with genocides as part of the ripples of effects that go out, part of the illusion that is woven to terrorize the people. The existing structure has no cure for prion disease, which has a human form and an animal form.

As part of our services to the world leaders, when we are offered a government contract, our animal advisory team will check the health of wild animal populations, and work with locals on health issues that include Mad Cow Disease.