Monday, November 23, 2015

2012: Exit Strategy for Iraq: Bringing in the Independent Members

The plan for world peace has been introduced and opened to debate by the world's leaders. Now it is time to bring in the people of the organization to fulfill our end of the agreement.

It takes the full 200 independent members to create a project, but not all are involved the same way. Each shares one's talents and gifts, and has the wisdom gathered by a lifetime of experiences to offer.

At this time, there are many potential members who have been squeezed to participate by the end of the opportunities to get the life they want. They are in crisis, many in the end of life crisis. What we have is the channeled insights that are available online at and the books that Karen Holmes channeled with some of her guides, who are the past kings, queens and presidents who are coming back to help bring world peace. They are working to undo the damage they did during their lifetimes.

The books are amateur-quality, and Holmes was instructed to print only 200 copies of each book to sell to the independent members. The books are "channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis," but it is a long journey out of the abyss, and it doesn't happen overnight. The independent members will apply the information in their own lives to prove it works, and demonstrate it to the people around them.

When one person rises, it enables everyone to rise.

Having the books enables the other channels to rise out of their crisis, because being able to create a cash flow enables others to see it is possible to do it by sharing one's talents and gifts.

In 1999, Holmes channeled the first book, "A Manual for Peace," by Seth, a seventh dimensional entity who was famous for the work he did with a channel named Jane Roberts. Together, they sold over 7 million books, and they are still being sold. Their books are considered classics of spirituality. Their books their books teach that you create your own reality. Now Seth is returning to teach how to create your own reality.

We are starting first with the professional publishing team. Once the independent members demonstrate the potential of the books, the team will understand there is a market for the books. The first independent member to demonstrate the potential of the books to enable one to create the life he or she wants is Karen Holmes, the founder of the organization.