Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What is Track Our Progress?

The plan for world peace is huge. It will take the next 10 years to reach our destination. Each year we are introducing proposals to solve the problems a nation is having, along with supporting projects and events.

Rather than to attempt to keep to a time-line, and attempting to force issues,  we are following an event-line and allowing things to come slowly and in perfect order.

Track Our Progress offers the planning process for each year's proposals--a "roadmap to peace." We have the itinerary for our journey, and will take it step by step and stage by stage.

When you are in a crisis situation, your perspective has narrowed to the point where you can see only two options, and neither is tenable. What is not apparent is the third option, which is to do what is in everyone's best interest. Track Our Progress allows us to see the third option, that there is a simple and logical progression of events, and all we must do is to make the small steps to bring it about. We can leap back and forth between the larger perspective and the narrower.