Thursday, December 3, 2015

Stacking the Deck Against World Peace: Committing Atrocities

Our organization has been dealing with a hostile takeover, and facing covert and overt actions. All the potential members of our organization have been targeted. People have been murdered, and children routinely abducted and tortured through a series of heinous crimes. The perpetrators have committed atrocities against all age groups. The conflict is devolving as a genocide, and people have been drawn into the conflict unwittingly.

At this time, we are dealing with an issue that has been a weapon of of choice by those who perpetrate genocides, including in Rwanda and the DRCongo. People have been murdered and their bodies have been cannibalized as a form of terrorism, and an attempt to control the genocidaires and the victims of the genocide. Human body tissues has been fed to people who thought they were just being invited to a nice dinner, and to children who were attending elite private schools that are actually affiliated with a "dark" parallel organization.  This has gone on long enough that many people are exhibiting the human form of mad cow disease. The perpetrators of the crimes have the disease, also, which is invariably fatal according to the present medical system.

Prion disease leads to loss of mental capacity, which is particularly difficult for people who depend on their mental capacity for their contribution to mankind. It is a terrible loss.

It is a race against time. Once people exhibit the symptoms, expected life span is not long.

The solution is to introduce a plan that benefits everyone, which is the plan for world peace, but also to introduce a cure for prion disease and a way to help people recover their mental capacity and body strength.

Our plan must solve the crises mankind is facing, including prion disease.