Sunday, November 14, 2021

Where We Are Now: November 2021

The end of the year is coming soon, and now is the best time to look at where we are, and make a course adjustment if necessary before we start a new year.

I promised there will be eight government proposals introduced each year, and we are still working on the first government proposal, one of the 2012 proposals, and worse, still on the first stage of the first government proposal.

Let's look at why things are not moving forward when so much is at stake.

The first government proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq. The main players are dying, and the war is fading into history. Why bother? The problem is it devolved as a genocide, and ripples of effects keep coming, and many people don't make the connection. What caused the schism that is tearing apart the planet? What triggered the pandemic? The economic crisis? What if people are making more money and don't see it as a crisis?

We recognize the root cause of the crisis. It is the power games that are reaching their ultimate conclusion. The games are oppressive to the people. The preemptive strike on Iraq triggered a global genocide, and there is no existing protocol for ending a genocide. We have an idea, a solution to a global crisis that is devolving.

Who will assume responsibility for resolving the crisis? Which plan will be accepted? The preemptive strike on Iraq triggered a global genocide, but how many people see the crisis for what it is? Ripples of effects have gone out to draw in every person on the planet, including the Covid 19 pandemic. People can see the dire crisis that is the pandemic, and the existing structure believes vaccines are the solution, but not the root cause of the crisis, so they are making the crisis worse. The plan that is finally accepted is the one that is already working to solve the problem, even on a minimal level.

The overview plan for the international government is still just an idea, and ideas cannot be copyrighted. Our plan is based on the US Constitution and the principles of the cooperation of nature, and no one owns either. Great ideas are usually stolen, but the application of the principles is what is important. Someone gets an idea, and doesn't understand that no one else sees the same potential for the plan. Great ideas are usually erased by people whose security and support are threatened. There is always resistance to the plan.

The first stage of our planning process is to bring in the professional publishing team. The first stage of any plan can be called "herding cats."

The idea for an international government was first introduced in May and June, 1999, in the form of a book, called "A Manual for Peace," by Seth and Karen Holmes, and the application of the principles was introduced in December 1999, with another book by the same authors, "A Manual for the One World Government." Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who channeled the books through channel, Karen Holmes. When Holmes sent the manuscript to a publisher designated by Seth, it threated the security and support of the publisher and there was resistance to it being published. The publisher didn't see the potential of the book to enable them all to function on a higher level. Seth told Holmes, "Put the book on the back burner. A million people have to be in the right time, place and frame of mind for it to go forward." The plan for world peace entered into the herding cats phase of the planning process.

Being rejected by the publisher didn't help Holmes, either. It tore apart her family, and their financial foundation. Seth helped her by starting two new books, "A Manual for Creativity," which addresses how to manifest what you need, and "A Manual for Social Reform." Seth and her other guides also helped out by channeling planning books, and Holmes has spent years working on the books, starting the organization and the amatuer-quality books.

A time came when Seth walked away and told her he wouldn't return until two additional channels came in to help. The active resistance started.

As Holmes walked forward around the planning circle, creating the plan on the mental level and then starting on the physical level, people lined up behind her. The first people followed her, and then others followed the people in front of them. Then, a dance started when people got into line in the position of opposition.

When Holmes reached the plan stage, her adversaries were at the Crisis in the Family stage. When Holmes reached the business and economics stage, her adversaries were at the Capacity stage, able to draw in others who didn't realize her adversaries were functioning outside of their capacity. Their capacity was based on covert and overt actions. When Holmes reached the security stage, her adversaries were in the productivity stage, and the power games associated with that are genocide. A hostile takeover in the form of character defamation.

But, the people involved are actually potential members of the organization. Herding cats. Terrifying cats. Tyrannical cats.

There is a line between the Security Stage and the Capacity stage called "The Brick Wall." It represents the end of life crisis. When her adversaries reached this point in the planning process, they trapped themselves in a dilemma. They started to fight for their life. When Holmes reached the point of the Brick Wall, she had the books and had to apply the principles in them to overcome her crisis. This is where the information that came through at the prayer circle helped, like "Where do viruses come from?" Holmes took the insights and applied them and shared them, and by saving the lives of others, and enabling others to function on a higher level, she demonstrated her capacity.

Now, what about her adversaries? What about the trap? The third dimension is called "the Illusion." We all live in an illusion. Two power games are based on weaving an illusion, so we all have lived our entire lives in an illusion. We believe we can get our lives by playing power games, but the games go against Universal Law, and we get kicked back in our progress. When played on an innocent person, the games stop working. We die when we reach the point where we believe we cannot get our life. The fourth dimension is understanding that we can get our life but we cannot get it by playing the games. The fifth dimension is when we are actually creating the life we want. The application of the principles is what is important. The trap they fell into was that her adversaries believe they can get their life by playing the games and are attacking an innocent person. They entered into a dance, a competition they can't actually win because they are not channels. They are not connected to the source. It is like being bipolar. They bounce back and forth between the fourth and fifth dimensions. They have to stop playing the games and unravel the mess they have made.

Seth told Holmes she could only sell theamateur-quality books to independent members. Everyone must go through the crisis center to get out of their crisis, and that is the responsibility of the next person to come in, who will assume responsibility for the second government proposal. Governments are in the trap, too. <

Each government proposal has a huge body of knowledge associated with it, and people will continue to focus on it while others continue on, skipping over the knowledge base until they find something that they will work on.

Many people are in this trap. They believe they can get their life by playing the games. The games end when played on an innocent person, and when no WMD were foind in Iraq, the games backlashed on the US government, and collapsed our power base. People who have been dragged into a genocide are denied their unalienable rights, and now to get back our power and our unalienable rights, we must guarantee to every person on the planet their unalienable rights.

The final stage of the planning process is tolerance. That is when people are working together with a common goal, going what is in everyone's best interest. Each team has a trigger and an intent. The trigger is like a catalyst, and when the intent chooses to participate, that is the stage of tolerance. People must be squeezed to participate, so like Holmes dealing with a family crisis and a financial crisis, and able to apply the principles in the books to rise out of her crisis, she demonstrates the potential of the books to help everyone do the same thing. Potential + Drive = Plan.