Saturday, November 24, 2018

Professional Publishing Team Update

The Track Our Progress proposals start in January of 2012, and we are still working on bringing in the professional publishing team. The contingency for the first proposal is that the United States assumes responsibility for the Constitutional Amendment Convention, and that proposal's first step is the creation of the crisis center, but the contingency has not yet been met. Our organization is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and by law, we cannot lobby, and grassroots movements are considering lobbying, so we must bring in another organization and turn responsibility over to that group, who can legally lobby. The question is, which group? 

The books are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis," which allows anyone on the planet to rise out of the abyss. You can read the Bible, for example, and live a Christian life, but that that doesn't mean you have a personal relationship with God, or that you are getting personalized insights. That is the role of the prophets. Each of us gets our spiritual gifts from our Creator. Organization project ideas come from a spiritual entity, named Seth, and he only speaks through a limited number of channels, and each of the channels is the leader of an organization. Eventually, everyone will be working together to bring world peace, each from our own perspective.

Preventing the channels from coming together, or channeling books, or working at the crisis center, makes no sense, because the pirates leave themselves out of the organization. It is not a matter of judgment. It is just a simple fact. They have no way to get out of their own crisis. The projects allow them to function on a higher level, and they refuse to stand on the principles of the organization. 

At this time, my books are still amateur-quality books, and they can only be sold to independent members of the organization. Many people are now in crisis, including those who have been playing power games because the games have backlashed on them.

Mankind is sometimes compared to everyone being on a ship, and the ship is headed into a storm. What does it take to turn the ship around 180 degrees? The global warming crisis is an example of what it takes to turn it around, with the proverbial dark cloud on the horizon and the vast majority of the population ignoring the threat, and all the time, the dark cloud is getting closer, and then some people choose to ignore the crisis for their own reasons as part of a power play or because they have no social conscience. 

The first segment of the planning process is similar to herding cats. You cannot convince anyone that what they are doing makes no sense, because what people believe are the result of a lifetime of experiences. I channeled "A Manual for Peace" with Seth in May of 1999, and when it was rejected by the publisher, Seth told me that a million people had to be in the right time, place and frame of mind for it to be accepted. Each of those million people must reach the point where they are squeezed to let go of the power games and turn around.

The books were blocked as an act of revenge. Five people or groups of people have come together with what appears to be the same goal, but the problem with revenge is that no one has the same goal and they work to undermine the person who brought them in or triggered them to come in. None of them got what they wanted--what the revenge was supposed to give them--and instead they got nothing. They got revenge.

This is the lesson mankind is learning now. The power games don't work. There is always a backlash to the games.

The United States has relied on regime change for a long time to gain control of natural resources and strategic locations around the world. It is power game that seems to work, but the games continue on until an innocent person is crucified, and the backlash collapses the person's power base. For George W. Bush, the preemptive strike on Iraq was one small step for a president, but it was a major leap for the rest of the planet. When no WMD were found, it backlashed on him. It was an act of revenge on Saddam Hussein.

Each team has a trigger and an intent. The trigger is a catalyst. The intent is the person on the team who when he or she makes a decision for or against, the rest of the team goes along with the decision. What will bring together the professional publishing team is the understanding that everyone is in crisis, and that you cannot get your life by crucifying an innocent person. It is sharing our talents and gifts with other so everyone can function on a higher level.