Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Somalia Is in Purgatory

Somalia is a failed state, and has no diplomatic relations with the United States, so our organization has not been able to contact the Somalis to tell them of our plan for the international government. No one can be left out of the plan, so we must function on a parallel level.

The family that I believe is parallel to Somalia is in crisis. What is unique about this family is they are made up of many generations, and it is possible to see how each generation has drifted further off course from what could have been a prosperous dynasty.

Our Light Source Invention demonstrates how intolerance leads to a series of three cycles, where the power flip-flops, and the last step is terrorism, and that leads to becoming a failed state. If Somalia can manage to rise out of its crisis, they will demonstrate where true power comes from. 

Somalia is shaped like the number 7, and divided into three distinct regions. The northwest region is attempting to establish a rule of law, the southern region is considered the closest representative to the legitimate national identity, but suffers from terrorism, and the point, which lies parallel to Yemen, is the most lawless. This third region's economy is based on piracy because of issues related to power.  They equate money and power, and divide the nation into the regions. Each is pulling the people into different directions. For years, Somalis in the northeast region have watched beautiful yachts pass by on their way through the Suez canal and have coveted the wealth, but rather than to base their plan on doing what is in everyone's best interest, they have gone down into the power games related to revenge.

 Across the strait from Somalia is Yemen, which has been working its way through the three cycles on its way to becoming a failed state. The last step involves acts of terrorism, because the power of any nation is derived from its people, and when denied a voice, people respond by raising their voices to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence. When the government reacts with intolerance, that leads to the next cycle. The Somalis of this Horn of Africa region look past the yachts and see Yemen, and rather than turning inside their country to solve the problems together, this region turned outside toward Yemen. That does not necessarily mean that there is a conspiracy, but more likely lack of power on the part of Somalia, and perhaps it was more an admiration for President Saleh's audacity.

It doesn't matter how prosperous a nation is. Americans must pay close attention to this process, because the United States, under Donald Trump, and his policies based on intolerance and power games, has entered into the third cycle. The first cycle started under the George W. Bush administration, then flipped under President Obama, who was not able to overcome Republican resistance, and now the third cycle is devolving under Donald Trump. No nation is immune from this crisis. Russia may be going through it, too, starting with the intolerance and oppression of the Tsars, and then the Communists.

Somalia has drifted further from the point of prosperity with each generation. The Somalis are in a kind of purgatory, where the crisis was ignored and passed on to future generations, and it is taking seven generations to undo the damage that has been done. Each generation is addressing one stage of the planning process, but rather than having a plan, they have a plot, and cannot pass through the security issues, when it becomes apparent that their plan has failed, and that they have turned their lives over to someone or something who cannot help them get their life. The first generation to stray off course did so because they were in it for the money. The second generation was the support level, the third generation is the crisis in the family generation, and finally, the security level.

This same crisis occurs on every level, and  is occurring in California as the result of the California Community Property Law. It is a law that is supposed to protect the family during divorces, but  it  has led to crisis in the family issues, and the youngest generation is facing security issues. The California economy has slipped over the last decade. One of our projects addresses this crisis in California, and hopefully, this family will be able  to demonstrate to Somalia how to overcome its state of failure because you cannot get your life if your plan is based on terrorism and piracy.

This in not a solution where a foreign government can go in and solve the problem. The first principle of the global renaissance is that everyone must function from within his or her own capacity. This is an individual-level solution that must be supported by their government. Many people don't understand what their capacity is, and so our channels are the first step. The channels can create out lives by sharing our talents and gifts with others. In the Biblical times, the prophets solved the problems. 

Eventually, Somalia will probably separate into three nations, each with its own identity. We received the prophecy that there will be about 500 nations that are part of the proposed international government.


Our organization has started to draw in our channels and miracles workers for a training session. Included in the session is the family that is parallel to Yemen, as one of the miracle worker teams. There are four miracle worker teams, with three people on each team, and just to arrive at the session, each of the twelve people must , for all intents and purposes, perform  his or her miracle.