Friday, April 6, 2018

Lesson about where true power comes from

No one knows what he or she doesn't know. Equated ideas get people into trouble, but it isn't until we come to the understanding that what we are doing isn't working that we realize where we are. Many people equate money and power, and it isn't until they lose their money, and therefore their power, that they are willing to listen. These misunderstandings reach their ultimate conclusion, and that is when people are ready to hear about the plan for world peace.

The plan for the international government was first introduced at our prayer circle, and the circle's core group was made up of several low income people with spiritual gifts. How could we be regarded as powerful? How could we bring world peace? It was in our hearts to work on our projects. Then the plan was introduced to many people outside the prayer circle, and then pirated. Those people who had never attended our prayer circle followed after the pirates who seemed to have all the power, but who also don't understand the basis principles of world peace--or any world peace project.

If you want something, you can be backed into the corner. If you are already getting the life you want, you cannot be bribed. This is why the emolument's clause was including in the Constitution.

If we leap forward several years to the point where we have created our projects and have gotten government contracts, we are already getting the life we want. The pirates will have never reached the understanding that they can get the life they want. They have relied on power games to help them get the life they believe they want--but the games will never work.

It doesn't matter how much money someone has. For world peace to come, everyone must be able to create the life he or she wants. Each of us must be functioning from within our own capacity, based on our talents and gifts. When we base world peace on something everyone has, no one is left out of the plan.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal includes associated booklets, mini-books, and trade books that address where true power comes from.